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    Kod Adı Londra London Has Fallen Turkce Dublaj 1080p ABD HD İzleTürkçe Dublaj
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    Kod Adı Londra London Has Fallen filmi 2016 5.9 1080p 2016 ABD 1080p Turkce Dublaj London Has FallenYorumlarınızın ahfilmizle.com için çok önemli olduğunu söylemek isteriz. Sizlerin desteği sayesinde sitemiz gelişecek ve büyüyecek. Kod Adı Londra London Has Fallen -London Has Fallen Keyifli seyirler.Even then, Morgan Freeman is probably the best actor there. Others are just not competent. Part of the blame is on the dialogue. It’s too cliché and far-fetched. As told before, Gerard Butler does nothing but throw down one-liners. He has one or two facial expressions: The angry look and the tender, loving father look. Which makes him an one-dimensional character that you won’t be able to build an emotional connection with. He is also an insufferable Mary Sue. The USA president, on the other hand, is pathetic. They try to make him a determined, strong American leader, but the contrast with his best man is just too big. It makes him look tiny, fragile and incompetent. There is not much to say about other actors. All of them play minor roles and are easily forgettable. And all of them play stereotypical, far-fetched roles.

    Then there is the plot. Oh, god, the plot.

    It’s bad. The pacing is horrible. Action scene, chase, small break, action scene, chase, small break, repeat. Not much happens in between. In part because there is no decent plot. It goes like this: the most heavily guarded funeral in history ends up having some serious security flaws. And all because one dude in the USA security agency betrayed them. That one dude is apparently so powerful, or the security agencies (American and English) are so pathetic, that his simple betrayal goes undetected and cause the entire defense operation to fail. How did he do such a feat? How could half the guards in that day be enemies in disguise and that go under the radar? How could the prime-minister of England “die in his sleep” and then no autopsy having been made in time to clear any suspicions of poisoning? Why is Gerard Butler the only one who “feels” that “something” is about to happen? Why is it that the most important target (USA President) is the ONLY ONE that stays alive, and the LAST ONE that the enemy tries to shoot at? Every single point of this movie is far-fetched.

    Okay, I’m aware that this is a mindless action movie, and plot and actor performance shouldn’t be taken too seriously. BUT THE ACTION SCENES AREN’T GOOD EITHER! All of them are ridden with that annoying, off-putting blur and camera-shake effect. And they aren’t original either. Oh, a last-second save. Oh, a car chase. Oh, the helicopter crashes and they are all alive and without a scratch. Except the black girl, of course. Oh, the enemies just send themselves at the hero at the most stupid fashion and end up dead, every single time. It’s tedious, predictable and shows that they are lazy and didn’t really spend any time to think on good ideas.

    So if the point of the movie is bad, and everything else is bad to, what’s good? Well, I find the stereotypical representations of the other heads-of-state to be somewhat enjoyable. There’s the female German Chancellor that is clearly Angela Merkel, the womanizer Italian prime-minister that is clearly Berlusconi, etc. But all it shows is that this movie could have been a parody. It is certainly a parody, with all the exaggerated nationalistic lines and the plot and action scene clichés, but it’s a parody of itself. Its crucial sin is that it takes itself seriously. But it certainly doesn’t deserve more than to be a punchline of a joke. A bad, boring, predictable joke.


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    • Oyuncu Aaron Eckhart
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    • Oyuncu Gerard Butler
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    • Yönetmen Babak Najafi

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    Kod Adı Londra London Has Fallen Turkce Dublaj 1080p ABD HD İzle